Croisette Apartments

1.    Your fully completed Booking Form, including your name and company must

       be accompanied by a security deposit and a rental deposit which will be no

       less than 25% of the total rental for the period or a sum previously agreed

       and confirmed on your booking confirmation form by Croisette Apartments.

2.    On receipt of the completed booking confirmation form and the said security

       and rental deposit the chosen apartment or studio is reserved in the name

       and company provided on the booking confirmation form.

3.    The issue of the booking confirmation form is the formal acceptance by

       Croisette Apartments of the booking subject to condition 2 being fulfilled.

4.    The balance due as shown on the final invoice must be paid not later than 4

       (four) weeks before the commencement of the rental period. Unless the

       booking is at short notice and special arrangements have been negotiated

       with and confirmed by Croisette Apartments.

5.    Croisette Apartments reserve the right to change any of the rates in the price

       list issued without prior notice before booking has been confirmed. Once

       bookings have been confirmed however, no currency surcharges will be


6.    Cancellation of your booking must be in writing and signed by an authorised

       representative of the booking party. It is not effective until received by us.

7.    If your booking is cancelled at any time after the deposit has been paid, but

       before the balance is due on the deposit is forfeited. After the balance of the

       final invoice has become due in accordance with the terms in paragraph 4

       hereof, the total cost of the rental will remain payable or if paid shall be

       forfeited upon the cancellation. Notice of the cancellation must be given in the

       manner described in paragraph 6 hereof.

8.    You, and other members of your party must observe the community rules (if

       any) of the apartment or studio and ensure that the accommodation provided

       will only be occupied by persons who you represent, or are employees or

       agents of your company or are listed by you on the booking confirmation form,

       unless specifically agreed in writing by Croisette Apartments. Sub-letting or

       assigning of the property to others is not permitted.  Animals are not permitted

       in the apartment or studio without special permission of Croisette Apartments

       confirmed in writing.

9.    Croisette Apartments their agents or representatives do not accept

       responsibility for any loss of or damages to property belonging to the tenants

       or party leader, or tenants guests, which may result from the improper usage

       of the apartment or studio.

10.  Croisette Apartments their agents or representatives do not accept

       responsibility for any loss of or damage to property belonging to the tenants

       or party leader or tenants guests which may result from negligence or lack of

       due care by the tenants, party leader or tenants guests.

11.  The Security deposit and the rental deposit will be retained against any

       damages to the apartment or studio and any breakages that may occur. The

       Security deposit may also be used by Croisette Apartments to offset any

       telephone charges, for telephone calls (if any) incurred during the period of

       tenancy. In the event that telephone charges are incurred then the balance of

       the security deposit will be repaid when the telephone charges for the relevant

       period have been received and the offset calculated.

12.  The Security deposit will be refunded to the tenant or party leader within 10

       (ten) days less any amount retainable under the conditions of paragraph 9


13.  All property or items damaged during the rental period will be repaired or

       replaced locally with work or items of a comparable standard taking into

       account fair wear and tear before calculating the cost of the repair or

       replacement. This cost will be deducted from the security deposit.

14.  A cleaner can in most cases be supplied on request for an additional charge. If

       a cleaner is not required, the tenants/ party leader is responsible for

       maintaining the apartment during the rental period. A cleaning charge will

       otherwise be deducted from the Security deposit.

15.  Tenants must note that compensation will not be paid to any person where the

       circumstances necessitating any changes in accommodation are caused by

       “force majeure”.

16.  In the unlikely event that a cause for complaint arises in relation to your

       occupation of the apartment, or a dispute arises, as a result of any matter

       relating to your booking, details of such complaint or dispute should be sent to

       us within 28(twenty- eight)days of the termination of the rental period for the

       accommodation giving details of your booking in order that we may investigate

       the same. In the event that we are unable to reach a mutually satisfactory

       agreement between us and the tenant/party leader, the dispute will then be

       settled by arbitration with the consent of the parties concerned in accordance

       with the Arbitration Act 1950, or any statutory re-enactments thereof. Any

       disputes shall be determined in accordance with English Law.  

CA 2006

Croisette Apartments:

Terms and Conditions of Rental